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Fun Stuff to Share:

My passion for inventing and building things has led to a host of useful and useless creations:

Prize Wheel Building Plans

Prize Wheel Building Plans
18-Page Booklet of instructions with
detailed photos . . . $15.00


Speedway Board Game

My "Speedway" Board Game
Fun game played with playing cards and five race car game pieces.  Download the game free.

Rainfall Fountain Waterfall

Rainfall Fountain

Overview of design and construction details.  Free PDF download.

Sam Martin's DVD Movie Collection

My DVD Movie Collection
Browse my collection of over 600 DVDs.  Free to borrow by my friends.   Available for $10.00 each to buy.

Show Partner F/X Desktop Presentation Software

Show Partner F/X v 3.7
DOS Based Desktop Presentation Software published until 1996.   Single User License  $25.00


HyperPAD Software

HyperPAD v 2.3
DOS Based Application Development  Software published until 1996.    Single User License  $25.00


My Magic Collection
During the 1980's and 1990's I performed magic around Houston and also had a magic shop at one time.  This is a Powerpoint Slideshow Catalog
of what I placed in an auction recently . . .Go HERE

Magic Card Trick
Pick a Card and I will magically find it.

Linking Dollar Bills Magic Trick - Available Exclusively Here

Linking Dollar Bills
Magic Trick
Invented in the 1980's and sold worldwide. 
Available Exclusively from Here
by mail for $25.00

Liberty Bell

Limited Edition Liberty Bell
Numbered and Registered
Cast by the same foundary as the
original Liberty Bell for the Bicentennialal.

SOLD - $2,500


Cra-Z-Boy Cruiser - Motorized Recliner

Cra-Z-Boy Cruiser
Recliner on a stretched go-kart frame

FOR SALE - $4,500

Souvenir Plates For Sale

Souvenir Plates
Collected during the 1960's -   For Sale


Optical Illusion #2

Optical Illusions
A collection of visual illusions


Things to Do with Crown Royal Bags

Things to Do with
Crown Royal Bags

Illustrated by Pat Martin.

Visit my TINKERING page for more fun stuff I built !

Space Dude


NOT so Fun Stuff to Share:

The Gross National Debt:


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