Celestial Light Box

Let's Roll !

Celestial Light Box

The box is made from 1/4" masonite, approximately 9" x 9" x 16".  Light is passed through a rotating wheel of colored theatrical lighting gel strips. reflected out of the box opening off of a rotating disk covered with a number of curved mirror pieces from a smashed, old-style automobile headlight.  The adjustable magnifying glass allows an area within the pattern to be skewed. 

It creates a constantly moving, color and shape changing pattern on whatever it is aimed towards.

Shown is the box without the top, the mirror wheel, color wheel, the top pieces and the magnifying glass assembley.

This box is compartmentalized.  On the far right, that end of the box houses the 120v socket for the computer power cord to attach to the device, an on/off switch and a 1 rpm electric motor near the bottom.

The lamp is a 150w floodlight.  There is a screen vent in the bottom and an exhaust fan mounted on the back panel.

A drive shaft from the motor runs through to the middle divider where there is a pulley that turns the color wheel. 

The color wheel is held in place by sliding screen door roller pulleys on the other three corners, with spring action.

In the third compartment is an angled bracket that pivots on the screw connecting it to the box.  There is a 1 rpm electric motor on the other end of the bracket, to which the mirror wheel is attached.

The slotted magnifying glass bracket is bolted to the side of the box with a wing nut and washer so as to be very adjustable.


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