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At a friend's house several Christmas' ago, I was introduced to a game invented by my friend's grandfather.  Based on my memory of the game, I made my own.  I was later told that my game board was incorrect.  Despite my error, this version of the game is still as much fun as any board game I have played.  Everyone I have introduced to the game, agrees.  Now you can play it too.  Just click on the image for a printable enlargement of the game board.  Print this page so you'll have the instructions.   You will need some kind of playing pieces, (5) for each player (coins will work), and a deck of playing cards with two jokers.  ENJOY!

The Five Easy Pieces Game Board - Click for printable enlargement & rules
Click on the image for a printable enlargement

Game is played by two players on a board as shown above with a deck of 52 cards including two jokers. Each player has 5 play pieces which are placed in their "Home" area (The dots with the straight line through the middle of them is the Home area).  Deal three (3) cards to each player and place the remaining cards on the table as a draw pile..

Players take turns playing one card per turn to move their piece(s) clockwise around the board into their respective "Finish" area (The dots with the square around the outside of the dots is the Finish).  The first player to get all five of his/her pieces into their Finish area wins!

Players alternate turns and can move once per turn.  With each turn you will discard the card you are playing and pick another card. 

You start by advancing one of your pieces from the Home area onto the playing field (The outside ring of dots).  To "Come Out", as this is called, requires that you play an Ace, a Face card or a Joker.  This only takes you out of the Home area to the RED starting dot.  The position of your piece inside the Home area does not matter.  You can move any piece Out in this manner.  If you do not have a "Come Out Card", you will have to discard one of your cards, draw another and pass.

Once your piece is in the playing area you can advance it with each turn based on the following value of the cards:

Ace = 1, 11 or come out

J, Q, K = 10 or come out

2,3,4,5,6,9, & 10 = face value

7 = 7, 6&1, 5&2, or 4&3 (can split move between two or more pieces)

8 = must go back 8 spaces

Joker = exchange one of your pieces (from anywhere including your Home area) with any of your opponent’s pieces (opponent’s piece goes to his/her Home).  If the other player does not have any pieces on the playing field to take, you can use your Joker as a Come Out Card.

If you land on a space occupied by an opponent’s piece, it sends the opponent’s piece Home.

The white dot at the entrance to your finish area is considered OFF of the playing field or Safe.

You must play if you have a move. If you do not have a move, you must discard and draw another card. Continue play until the first player gets all 5 of their pieces into the finish line. Reshuffle as often as necessary.


An 8 requires you to move back (counterclockwise).  If you have a piece on your red starting spot an 8 can be used to put you at the corner just in front of your Finish area.  Thus, you do not have to travel all the way around the board clockwise.

Be advised, the corner just before the entrance to your Finish area is 10 spaces away from your opponent's starting spot.  If your opponent has a player on the starting spot and you use an 8 from your starting spot, your piece his a high risk of being taken because there are more 10's in the deck than any other value.

1/2" Plywood board, with recessed holes done with a drill press for consistency.  It has a stone fleck paint finish.  It has rubber feet to hold it off the table 1/2".  The pieces are clear marbles in blue and clear.  The deck of cards is just sitting on the board.
This one is just a piece of 1/4" plywood covered in felt.  The spots are dots punched out of some gold metalic adhesive tape.  The pieces are just cut wood dowels painted in gold and copper metalic enamel.  Glued to the bottom of each piece is a circle of the hook side of Velcro.  Thus, the pieces will stick to the board, good for traveling.
A plywood board painted with white enamel.  The spots are the fuzzy side of Velcro.  Again, the pieces are dowels with the opposing Velcro on their bottoms.
I made one board specifically for Charlie White and I to use on his Citation Jet whenever we were flying somewhere. 

It was a 1/4 piece of masonite with holes drilled all the way through it for the spots.  For pieces we used golf tees. 

It had two velcro straps that wrapped around the armrests of our seats and suspended the board between us.



In it's original form, the game lacked any kind of branding threads to make it a viable product to market.  With the popularity of NASCAR I opted for a stock car racing theme, which fit nicely into the board's layout being a track, thus the new version of the game called, "SPEEDWAY".

The point of beginning for the stock car playiing pieces is the Pits and the you win by getting all 5 of the cars on your racing team into your team's  finish line.  Rather than a deck of ordinary playing cards there are cards specific to this theme with the same denominations so the play remains unchanged. 

Speedway Game by Sam Martin


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