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Version 2.307
Last published in 1995 by IQ Technologies, Inc. 
Originally developed and published by Brightbill-Roberts


For those who may wish to continue using this DOS based product it is being made available for downloading as a courtesy of MegaIQ.


The download is a 1.4 mb self extracting archive file.
Save the file to an empty folder.
After downloading, double click on the file "hyperpad24.exe".
This will extract two (2) files, "disk1.exe" and "disk2.exe".
Each of these are self extracting archive files as well.
Disk 1 and Disk 2 archives contain the files required to install HyperPAD.

Devkit is the HyperPAD Developer's Kit and must be extracted into a different folder
than the one used for disk1 and disk2 as it contains some files which have the same name.


DOWNLOAD HyperPAD v. 2.3

DOWNLOAD HyperPAD Developer's Kit


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