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Lake LoverMy mother began acclimating me to the water when I was a baby (Right - feeding the ducks at age 2).  As a child I was on the swimming and diving teams.   Summer vacations were typically spent on a lake or a beach.  This love for the water has stayed with me ever since. 

Me at age 2 in New Rochelle, NY
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Charlie and Sam in Vail


My great friend Charlie White (passed away on Nov 11, 2005) owned a condo in Vail.  For the past several years I have been fortunate to spend a week at a time, two or three times each winter, of challenging skiing with him.  Snow skiing was a big part of my youth up until we moved from New England to Texas.  After 26 years of being away from it, I was amazed at how quickly it all came back.  Skiing black diamond slopes is an extreme experience.



Once again, thanks to my recently departed, great friend Charlie White, who was a season ticket holder for the Mavericks basketball games and the Dallas Cowboys games, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to go to those events fairly frequently.  Charlie had a townhouse in Addison and a private jet to take us there.

Mavericks Game


Charlie's Jet


Flying by private aircraft is the only way to live.  With the airport here at Horseshoe Bay we're just minutes from the house to departure.  Dallas is just a 40 minute flight and Vail is only 2 and a half hours.  There are no gates, no limitations on what you can carry on, and no restrictions on what you can do while you're traveling. 

Left - Heading to a Cowboys' Season Kick-off Party in Wichita Falls on Charlie's jet.



Although I'm not that good, I enjoy an occasional game of golf.  Seen here at a Make-A-Wish Foundation golf tournament in Wichita Falls.  Here in Horseshoe Bay we have three of the most beautiful golf courses in the world.  My office is in a house I rent on the golf course.  In early 2005 I played in a tournament in Austin where I had the opportunity to get acquainted with comedian Bill Engval (see photos).   We have continued to communicate since then.



I love to build something out of junk.  Seen here at age 9 with my go cart.
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I started "Sam's Fix-it Shop" at age 7.   When I became a magician my friend Bill Planter and I would build all of my illusions.  Later this evolved to building hotels, country clubs, office buildings and houses.  But, the real love is the tinkering, making something out of junk, like a costume for Halloween, a game, something for the house or an invention for business.

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Since leaving the Air Force in 1974 I have started several dozen businesses.  Some were successful while others were monumental failures.  Both the successes and the failures have contributed to my being where I am today.  I love the challenges of business so my work is never a chore that I regret having to do.

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IQ Technologies
IQ Technologies, Software Publishing Co.


Martin for Mayor


My participation in a variety of civic organizations and my interest in promoting "smart growth" in the community where I live has placed me in a position where politics are a part of the job.   In 2005 I was instrumental in calling for the election to make Horseshoe Bay a city.  I believed this was necessary to protect Horseshoe Bay from the encroachment of nearby, growing municipalities.  At the same time, I did not want our transition to a city to be a catalyst for unnecessary programs and initiatives requiring additional funding.  As such, I offered myself as a candidate for Mayor.  I was overwhelmingly defeated by a margin of 3:1.  I learned that politics is obviously not my fortee.  I'm much better working behind the scenes on strategic planning.

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