Liberty Bell - 1976 US Bicentennial Limited Edition

Let's Roll !

RARE ~ Commemorative ~ United States Liberty Bell Replica
Bi-Centennial Limited Edition

1/5th scale replica of the original Liberty Bell.
Limited Edition Number 0056
Stands 14" tall
Mounted on Carved Oak Base
Solid Silver Inscription Plaques
Fabulous Ring

In 1968 The Liberty Bell Foundation of Boston, Massachusetts was marketing a limited edition 1/5th scale model Liberty Bell replica, cast by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry of London, England, to the Original Designs of that foundry for the Liberty Bell cast there in 1752.   Mrs. Marguerite Morgan McKune of Houston, Texas purchased one of the 2,400 numbered and registered commemorative edition bells produced between 1968-1976.

The bell came up for auction at Webster's Auction Palace of Houston, Texas in 1986 and was purchased by Samuel A. Martin of Houston, Texas.  The Bell Registry, maintained perpetually at the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, was updated to reflect Mr. Martin's ownership of this bell Number 0056.

This sale is for the #0056 Liberty Bell on Oak Base, in original box, with Original Cover Letter from Whitechapel, Certificate of Authenticity, Bell Maintenance instructions, Letter from Whitechapel confirming registration update.

As shown in the order form below, this Oxidized Black Limited Edition Liberty Bell sold originally for $1275. As shown in the letter acknowledging the order the bell was purchased in 1968.

One dollar in 1968, with the average inflation rate of 4.51% over the years, is worth $6.37 in 2010.  Thus, the current value in 2010 without any antiquity or collectibility considerations, based solely on the time value of money is $8,121.75


Liberty Bell Replica with Certificate of Authenticity


Limited Edition Number 0056

Front Inscription Plate

Front Inscription Plate Enlargement

"Cast by the
Whitechapel Bell Foundry, London England,
to their Original Designs of the original Liberty Bell
made in same Foundry in the Year of Our Lord,

Back Inscription Plate

Back Inscription Plate Enlargement

"By Order of Marguerite Morgan McKune of Houston, Texas
in Commemoration of
the Bicentenary of the American Revolution

Liberty Bell Order Form
This magazine order form shows that the bell sold originally for $1,275 in Oxidized Black

Certificate of Authenticity
Original Order Confirmation May 1968

Certificate of Authenticity
Certificate of Authenticity

Cover Letter from Whitechapel with Bell
Cover Letter from Whitechapel with Bell

Maintenance Instructions
Bell Maintenance Instructions

Change of Registration Confirmation Letter
Change of Registration Confirmation Letter - October 1986

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