DVD 119 mins IMDB 6.4
Acorn Media (2014)
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Drama, Science Fiction, Thriller, Mystery, Action
USA  /  English

Johnny Depp Will Caster
Rebecca Hall Evelyn Caster
Paul Bettany Max Waters
Cillian Murphy Agent Buchanan
Kate Mara Bree
Cole Hauser Colonel Stevens
Morgan Freeman Joseph Tagger
Clifton Collins Jr. Martin
Cory Hardrict Joel Edmund
Falk Hentschel Bob
Josh Stewart Paul
Luce Rains Roger
Fernando Chien Heng
Steven Liu Chiu
Xander Berkeley Dr. Thomas Casey

Director Wally Pfister; Scott Robertson
Producer Christopher Nolan; Emma Thomas; Brad Arensman; Yolanda T. Cochran
Writer Jack Paglen
Cinematography Jess Hall; Jo Edna Boldin
Musician Mychael Danna

A story centered on a scientist whose brain is uploaded into his creation -- a supercomputer with the potential to think for itself -- after he is assassinated by anti-technology terrorists.

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Barcode 883929411467
Region Region 1
Nr of Disks/Tapes 1