Photo Album - Home Sweet Home

Let's Roll !


114 The Hills Road
Situated on 10-acres at the western edge of Horseshoe Bay Resort
Property includes main house (center), Stables (right) and a large ancillary building (left)


Front of the house after new landscaping taken November 2011


View from the back
Back of the house before remodeling taken June 2011

Rainfall FountainCloser look at the Rainfall Fountain that is the focal point of the front yard.
Rainfall Fountain at NightRainfall Fountain at night.
Pool Area
Rainfall Fountain at night.
View from the pool deck
Sunset from the back patio overlooking the pool and hot tub.
Outdoor Kitchen
Outdoor Kitchen recently completed.   A patio cover will be going over it next.
Patio Cover
Patio cover over back patio off living room.

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