Ray-A-Way of Houston 1974

Let's Roll !



Charlie Hooks' Building

This was my first commercial venture business. In 1974 reflective mylar film was finding a market as a sun screen for windows on homes, automobiles and commercial buildings. A product called "Reflect-O-Screen" had several added advantages. The mylar film was laminated to a layer of non-reflective mylar and perforated such that the finished product was a screen. In this configuration it could be applied in ordinary screen frames as well as being applied directly to the windows. The office building pictured below was my first commercial installation in 1974. Eighteen years later, I would buy Waldenwood Subdivision, on a hand shake, from the owner of this building.

Using one of the bays in a friend of mine's Exxon station, I would do automobile installations. This location afforded me exposure on a heavily traveled road. As such, I painted a 4'x8' sign to advertise my business

Ray-A-Way Sign

I got more calls from people wanting signs then I did from prospective customers for the reflective screening, so . . . onto the sign business !


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