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Initially, I went into subcontracting residential cornice and siding work. Through an affiliation with George Parsons of Parson's Health Equipment, I began building redwood saunas and decks in conjunction with his spa and health equipment installations. Inspired by his success, I emulated him in doing extensive local advertising. . .

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This business provided a wealth of contacts in commercial construction thanks mainly to the affiliation with Parsons. I found commercial installations much more challenging and preferred developers and builders to individual consumers as my clients. This led me to seek my own commercial accounts and expand my woodwork repertoire to interior trim related items such as hanging doors and building cabinets. . . . My entry into Commercial Construction Subcontracting has begun.

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Another development that arose out of this business was my implementation of a personal computer as a management tool. At that time around 1978, Radio Shack had just come out with their first personal computer, the TRS-80 Model I. Bookeeping services were costing me $100 per month. So, I bought a computer, which came with only a book on Basic Programming, no software. I eventually learned enough programming to write an estimating program, but, didn't get to the point that I was really utilizing a computer until years later. Eventually, a computer would be incorporated in every business I owned and become the basis for becoming a Computer Consultant.

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