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Softball Plus was a 23 acre Sports Complex in Spring, Texas.  Facilities included: (4) Lighted Softball Fields, (4) Lighted Beach Volleyball Courts, Video Arcade, Food & Beverage Concessions, Locker Rooms with Showers, Picnic Area, Protected Children's Playground, Maintenance Facilities and parking area.

The park was built by three guys in 1990.  I loaned them my front-end loader, dump truck and provided fill material from my property in Waldenwood Subdivision to help with their construction.   Once it opened, I enrolled a team in league and tournament play.  We named our team, "Last Chance" because we expected to come in last.  Our claim to fame was drinking more beer than any other team! 

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In 1994 I was approached by two of the guys, who built and owned the park.  They were having a partnership dispute with the other owner.  They offered to give me their interest in the park.   A friend of mine, who played on my softball team, was looking for an investment opportunity so I negotiated a buy-out of the third partner and a take-over of the SBA financing on the park.  My partner received a majority interest in the operating company and I received an equal share in the real estate ownership.  I ran the day-to-day business for the first year and turned the business back around.  When she was ready to assume operational control, I handed everything over to her.  Being more of a hands-off manager, she relegated day-to-day operations to a subordinant and began racking up the red ink.  I negotiated a deal with another group to take over the financing and got out of the deal with my credit in tact.

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