Eagle Outdoor Advertising Sign Business - 1975-1976

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Ray-A-Way Sign

As pointed out in Ray-A-Way I had painted myself a sign to advertise that service and received a huge responce from people who wanted me to make signs for them.

Champions Golf Club

Most of the people who wanted signs also wanted me to post them in a high traffic location. This led to leasing a site from a local real estate developer and building a pylon to hold (6) 4'x8' panels. Thus, I advanced into the outdoor advertising segment of the sign business as well.

Eagle Outdoor Billboard Plan.jpg (133630 bytes)Pylon Sign

This led to some larger billboard painting contracts coming particularly from real estate developers and builders for whom I also was subcontracting siding & cornise work.

Phillip Kidd Billboard DesignPhillip Kidd Sign

Gleneagles Billboard PlanGleneagles


Each new sign job required new techniques and different materials. From hand painted wood signs to silk screened wood to extruded plastic to lighted plastic and so on. . .

Palmer Sign


The capital requirement associated with tooling and materials was overwhelming. With the wood working tools that I owned, and the contacts I had developed in the building business, I went full time into residential construction sub-contracting.

By this time (1975) I had realized I wanted to be a real estate developer. Given my education, experience and credit, I believed that my best path to that goal would be through becoming a general contractor. So . . . into the construction business I go. . .


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