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Champions Vending

Through my connections in commercial real estate, I was able to secure locations in office buildings for operating Coke machines and snack machines.  I did this as a side-line while I was involved in other businesses.   Coca-Cola would provide machines, similar to the one shown, at no cost provided you purchased and vended only Coke products.  The local coke distributor would deliver cases of soda to my office.

coke machine from the 1970's

Snack Machines were a more expensive proposition and required leasing them from a vending machine distributor.  I would then have to purchase cigarettes and snacks from a grocery wholesale company to stock the machines, similar to the one shown below. 

snack machine

This was a fairly simple business to manage, except for the occassional problem with vandalism. With only a half-dozen machines, the economy of scale wasn't there and the margins did not justify the amount of labor for this to be a viable side-line. 


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